Word 2003 - file size variations - please help

By aparna_kadiyala ·
I've been receiving some word documents from my team in UK and in US as well which are about 20 MB (and take a while to open).

When I do a 'select all' and copy on a fresh document, the file size shrinks to ~1 MB (or at the most 1500 KB)

I tried couple of experiments with the original 20 MB document:

1. Save it with a different name --> still the size of the newly saved doc is 20 MB
2. Remove about 20 pages from a total of 30 pages --> still the size remains same
3. Remove drawings and pictures --> no change in size.

4. But select all and copy to new document --> there is considerable change. And there is no change in font or drawings or tables etc. (all the content is as perfect).

Please help to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot!


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Allow fast saves option

by robo_dev In reply to Word 2003 - file size var ...

Also, look carefully for hidden graphics. One time a user had a logo that was only a 1/2" circle on the screen, but it was a 4MB graphic file.

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Word 2003 - file size variations - please help

by aparna_kadiyala In reply to Allow fast saves option

Tried all the options..
infact I already have all the options: Fast Save, Embed True Fonts and Automatically Save Versions unchecked.

It did not help.
Is there anyway I can enable 'hidden' graphics?
I checked 'hiddent text' , 'show picture placeholders' in the options-view, hidden markup in security etc.

Thanks a lot!


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