Word 2003 replaces text

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I'm a minister and type "God," "Jesus," "Christ," and "Bible" often in a book I'm writing. Recently I noticed that in each instance when these words should have appeared, the capital letter "I" appeared instead. I have checked the document--about a thousand pages--for a virus but with no success. I thought this problem was isolated until I read a document written by another minister recently in Word 2003 and discovered that it had the same problem. Can anyone suggest a solution or a way of probing the problem further? Thanks.

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Wow. Never heard that one before...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Word 2003 replaces text

a quick google yielded nothing immediately relevant, but I'll keep looking around. I'm rather curious about that one. If I find something I'll post back.

edit: If you don't find an answer to this problem, you might want to check into It's a great little Office Suite that is free. I use it a lot and Writer (the word processor) is not at all difficult to navigate. It also saves documents in Word format if you need to.

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Get a password for your computer, I think someone

by ComputerCookie In reply to Word 2003 replaces text

may be having a lend of you!! LOL

Go to Insert Menu, go down to AutoText, Click on AutoText, then click on the AutoCorrect tab, type God into the replace box and if it shows up with a 'with' text ('I') in the adjacent box delete this entry.
Repeat this for others words that are causing you a problem.


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