Word 2007 Could not create work file. Check environment variable

By rexydog ·
We're running Windows XP in an environment where every user has server space, and the My DOcuments folder is redirected to this server space. Student users don't have access to the local hard drive of any domain workstation (faculty do). Recently one lab converted from Office XP to Office 2007. One by one, the student users start getting the error "Could not create work file. Check environment variable" when they try to open word 2007. THe program will not open once the error appears. Not all student users have been affected, but I can't see why it would affect some and not others (all have the same GPO).

Any ideas? I hate to open up local hard drive access to all students, since it will open me up to mischief and mayhem.

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Corrupted office 2007....

Do you get the error message if you start Word 2007 in safe mode by clicking
on Start | Run | Open: winword.exe /a | OK? If not, then the problem could
be a damaged Word 2007 data key in the Windows registry or a third-party
add-in for Word that isn't compatible with Word 2007.

For the first possibility, close Word 2007 and Outlook 2007, start regedit,
browse to the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\ Word\Data"
key, rename the Data key to DataOld or something else, exit regedit, and
start Word 2007 normally. Word 2007 will automatically create a new Data key
when you start the program. Hopefully the error message will be gone.

If the the error message persists after renaming the Word 2007 Data key,
then you'll need to disable add-ins for Word 2007 one by one until you find
the offending add-in. To disable an add-in for Word 2007, start Word 2007,
click on Office Button | Word Options | Add-Ins | Manage: choose COM Add-ins
or Word Add-ins | Go. Uncheck one add-in. Close and restart Word 2007. If
the error message persists, uncheck another add-in, close and restart, etc.
When you find the offending add-in, you can reenable the other add-ins that
you previously disabled.

Thanks to garfield-n-odie on this.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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not quite applicable

by rexydog In reply to Corrupted office 2007....

I neglected to mention in my earlier question that student logins don't have access to the Run command (in addition to no access to the C: drive). I can't test your suggestions with the student login for this reason. Teacher logins don't get the error, and I'm guessing this is because they are not blocked from accessing the local hard drive. Keep the suggestions coming, and I appreciate your input!

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found a solution yet

by Diben In reply to Word 2007 Could not creat ...

Access the Registry Editor (Go into regedit from the command menu) and look at the caches in the following areas:

-HKEY_current_user\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Shell Folders


-HKEY_current_user\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Shell Folders

Ensure that the "cache" file points to a valid location and drive. Change to a existing location or create one, if that was not the case. I changed the location on user shell folders (Where the problem was for me) to c:\temp to keep it simple.

The path names may be slightly different if you are on a network, but should be the same steps. . . if you are able to look at each user individually.

%user settings%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet files

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A little question about the poroblem

by osartj In reply to found a solution yet

I am having a problem with Vista. Suddenly my downloded internet files and Microsoft Messenger files I cant find it because they arent on my HD. Only can find it on the recent foldenr but pushing in it ... the message is that the files dont apear.

Then tu read a lot of opinions (not a lot) I believed that the problem was that the temporal files dont recorder it on the hd. people advise me that I change the folder and I did it. I created a folder called c:/windows/Archivos temporales de internet.
Then of that, Word and Outlook begun to give me probles to me, each time I run it, the message "word 2007 coyld not create...." apeared.
I have read your post and I want to do a question:

Teh tu files of the Regisry that you advise to check and modify, in yoir case, ar de same:

- HKEY_currente_user.......
- HKEY_current_user\....

I think it is a mistake and you wanted to writ:
- HKEY_user\ .....

I am right? Tell me, please

Tehe "cache" file points to diferent localizations. The first one, to de new localization and te second one, with the first localization.

Could you tell me your opinion.

Thanks a lot from Spain

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