Word 2007-How to remove all bullets but keep numbering

By piecevcake ·
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When I copy a web page into word, often word adds bullet points where there were none in the original web page, which need to be removed.

Sometimes there ARE numbered parts in the web page which need to be kept.

Clicking Home Tab, bullets icon (twice) removes both the numbers AND bullets. I've tried to construct a macro and see clicking the bullet icon results in the command "Selection.Range.ListFormat.RemoveNumbers NumberType:=wdNumberParagraph"

Can anyone help with a way to KEEP the numbers and remove only the unwanted bullets?

OR, a way to stop them appearing in the first place? (Would be even better!)

Thanks in anticipation :-)

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May not be much of an answer but...

by jeffwohnsiedler In reply to Word 2007-How to remove a ...

did you try asking this question in the Office Word 2007 section of the Microsoft Community?
I use Word (actually had classes in Office 2007 as well as 2010 and have copies of both) and I've asked about different problems I've had and gotten decent responses.

The only thing I can think of to do is, backspace the bullets.

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Do Find Replace in Text Mode

by databaseben In reply to Word 2007-How to remove a ...

Common sense would have us to utilize MS Words Find and Replace to manage the • (bullets), like any other character. But it doesn't work. Even when a 1 to 1 copy and paste from the doc and into find field is executed. Its a sad effect.

However, the work around/methodology is to use text mode.

For example, copy ( or cut) the text thats in the document and then paste it right back into it as un-formatted text. Then execute a Find and Replace on that character.

Another methodology is to copy the text from Word then Paste it into Notepad. And then use Notepads Find and Replace to remove that character.

In regards to reformatting the text into its glorious format after the bullets are removed?

There are a couple of ways. But this is best left for another discussion.

:-) ~dbBen

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reply to databaseben

by piecevcake In reply to Do Find Replace in Text M ...

1. Sorry-are you seriously suggesting I go through a multi page document and do this for each bit containing bullets???

2. I don't want to remove the links and formatting. ONLY THE BULLETS.

3. Why would you copy the text from word to notepad to paste as text? You can paste into word as text straight from the web page.

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