Word 2007 Page Numbering

By madgow ·
I'm building a Word 2007 template to build checklists. I've set the document up with the "page x of y" in the footer. I've managed to figure out how to get the "x" to reset to 1 whenever a section break is inserted, however the "y" continues to tally all of the pages throughout the document.

Anybody know how to reset the "y" number to only count pages within the section?

I've dabbled with field codes, so if the solution involves that, I'm not afraid! :-)

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Is this what you need?. If not then sorry about the post..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Thanks, unfortuantely...

by madgow In reply to Is this what you need?. I ...

Thanks but unfortunately that's actually where I found most of my information to get as far as I have.

Maybe I've been hung up on the issue too long and perhaps I'm just missing something; the initial page number resets at the section break but the "of page" portion still counts all of the pages in the document, not just the current section (which is what the issue really is about).

Thanks for the quick reply.


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I will have to read up on one of my Word books to find your issue.

I have a large library of computer books usually on my server, typed over by hand or from cd/dvd's. Word i have not done yet but i will look into it. As i remember there is a way in the word settings that you can change the way the page is numbered. Off the top of my head i can not say where at the moment.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by madgow In reply to I will have to read up on ...

Thanks very much, no hurry, but thanks.


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Answer Found

by madgow In reply to I will have to read up on ...

Thanks for the assist, I received the answer I was looking for (see rest of this thread)!

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re: Word 2007 Page Numbering

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Word 2007 Page Numbering

Since the "y" is designed to count ALL of the pages in the entire document, not just a section, the standard "page x of y" format won't work when you want to show just the total pages in that particular section.

HOWEVER... don't you just love it when you see that word?

HOWEVER... there is a work around. First, here is what the HELP topic says about the "y" part of the page numbering. It's called NumPages.


Field codes: NumPages field


Inserts the total number of pages in the document, using information from the Statistics tab in the Properties dialog box (File menu).


To print page numbers such as "Page 12 of 45" on each page of a document, insert the following text and fields in a header or footer. To insert the PAGE field, click Insert Page Number on the Header and Footer toolbar.

Page { PAGE } of { NUMPAGES }

If the page numbering starts on a page number other than 1, use an = (Formula) field to compute the total page number count. To determine the starting page number for the active document (StartingNumber), click Page Numbers on the Insert menu, and then click Format.

Page { PAGE } of { = (StartingNumber - 1) + { NUMPAGES } }


I know... You're probably thinking, well, I can figure out a formula that would display the total number of pages in this section. But, remember that the footer will be displayed on all pages, not just the ones in that section. So, the formula you create would have to work throughout the document. And, that is not possible, unless all sections have exactly the same number of pages in them. If they did, why bother with a formula? Just type the total number manually.

Now, the work around I mentioned. If you format your document using the master document and subdocument method rather than everything being in one document, you can have page numbering showing "page x of y" for each subdocument where "y" is not affected by the other sub documents. Each section is a separate document, all linked together with the master document.

To learn about the creation and use of master documents and subdocuments, type Master Document into the Word HELP feature. There is also a considerable amount of help and training on the Microsoft web site.

Here is one place to start reading:

Hope this helps.


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I use Word 2003, but this might work

by Bizzo In reply to Word 2007 Page Numbering

Insert the "Page X of Y" in the footer.
Select the text, highlight, right click, and "Toggle field codes".
Replace { NUMPAGES } with { SECTIONPAGES }
So the text looks like this:

On the first page of each section, select the footer, and the "Header and Footer" menu, select "Format Page Number".
The in the "Page Number Format" window, change it from "Continue from previous section" to "Start at" 1.

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by madgow In reply to I use Word 2003, but this ...

That did the trick! Thanks very much!


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