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    Word 2007 print problem


    by ravi.agl ·

    Hi everybody,

    I am printing from Word 2007 (using Windows XP SP2) to my IBM Graphics Printer a 3-Page mailmerged Document.

    The Problem is that the document is printed with a length of 11 inches in place of 12 inches size setup with Word 2007. (the 2nd page comes up at top margin less than 1 inch & the 3rd page comes up at top margin less than 2 inches from the first page). I am using Continuous Paper 10 inches by 12 inches.

    Following measures have already been check-listed:

    1. Checked the Print setup which is a Custom 9*12 inches page.
    2.Set the above setting as default in (by selecting Default in Page Setup Dialog Box).
    3. Printer is set to print on letter (12″ size is not available)
    4. Checked with Excel 2007 & other non-Office applications & the printer is generating the correct output, so the problem appears to be with some setting in Word.
    5. The merged output document received in Word 2007 which is letters1.doc has the same Page Setup Properties as the Master document (which contains the fields for mailmerge).
    6. Additionally I have checked the Page length setting in the Printer Firmware configuration which is also set to 12 inches.

    Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the help in advance,


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