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    Word 2010 “Error! Not a valid link” in conditional text linked to bookmark


    by howard1532658727 ·

    I’m in MS Word 2010. I have created a document with a bookmarked ‘Combo Box Content Control’ in the first part of the document (the content is the number of days that a piece of information is overdue – i.e. OverdueStatus is “overdue by 7 days”).

    Next, within a block of conditional text, I have used “Copy > Paste Special > Paste link > Unformatted Text” to link to a different bookmark (the content of which is a third party’s title – e.g. “doctor”). Excerpt of the conditional text block below:

    { IF OverdueStatus = “overdue by 7 days” “We rely on the information provided by your ‘doctor’ to effectively monitor your health.”}

    When I change the data in the bookmark that controls the conditional text (i.e. when I choose “overdue by 7 days”), and update (F9), the conditional text is populated just fine, but the link to the bookmark for the third party’s title becomes broken. It is replaced with “Error! Not a valid link”.

    Note that when I open the file I choose “Yes” to update the document with data from linked files.

    Anyone know why this is occurring and/or have a solution that can be implemented in MS Word 2010?


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