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    Word 2K tables


    by dhays ·

    In your May 7, 2003 Word Tips, you praised Words easy table formatting. I have to disagree, they have made it worse with Word 2K over previous versions, yes you have more options, but that doesn’t mean it is automatically better. Size manipulationof individaul cells is much more complex and almost impossible to get to work correctly. If one has a table with multiple rows and columns and some have merged cells, some do not and then to resplit those cells and realign them to the way others around them is nearly impossible. Just yesterday I was worrking a table and had similar problems, I went to cell width and it told me it was 6 in wide where it was only around 1 in I wanted to make it 1.3. The table itself is about 6 in wide, and if all 4 columns are merged, yes it is a 6 in wide cell, but not the one in the next row next, and to try and format many at once in a column where a merged cell is outside of the highlight, it still will bring in at least one adjacent cell at times. It is amazing how “improvements” take a step BACKWARDS or take away previous flexibilites “in the name of progress or new features” too many times.

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      Windows on 8 FDs

      by luyasu ·

      In reply to Word 2K tables

      Microsoft has always been hit becuase it stands out, but do not hit for solely that reason (Oz) – general comment. Bill brought my Amtrad to life in the 80s.

      Yes, if Microsoft had paid more attention to its European market, I feel that the product’s features could be even richer, today.

      I have seen word processing sincle ICI’s word processor; and more trainng is required for Office software products, particular in the offices using IT and ICT services.

      Another example is MS Visio XP. MS has done wonders with the product and every IT department software cupboard should have at least a copy, if designing is not your business.


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