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Word 97 Problem

By c1959j ·
I have a user utilizing Word 97 on a Windows 98 Dell laptop. The operating system and software has recently been reloaded. She has a 2 gig hard drive and 128 meg memory. She has over 600 meg free on the hard drive. The user will connect to the mainframe and then open Word 97 to work on a document. She then inserts a jpeg image and then will receive the error message not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation.

I have already researched Microsoft's site for answers to the problem, however, nothing seems to have worked so far. We already have deleted the *.tmp files from the hard drive.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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by Chris A In reply to Word 97 Problem

Any more detail on the location of the document(is it on the Mainframe?) and the type of connection your are using to connect. Also the size of the jpeg(does it matter what size it is?) and where it is located.

Please post here and I will check back soon!


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More info

by c1959j In reply to Mainframe?

We use citrix and part of the document resides on this and is stored locally. We have a T1/T3 connection. The jpeg is stored on the server as well, and I have not seen the size of this. The user gets the insufficient memory error when trying to paste the jpeg into her document.

The user has been using this method for sometime and this error only started happening this week. The document is about 40 pages. The user has 4.89 gig free on the hard drive and 128 meg memory.

I just applied SR2B for Office 97. I am awaiting to hear from the user to see if this worked.

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Word and Graphics don't mix well

by dlongan In reply to More info

Seen this many times.

The size of the graphics and document play a big part.

It's usually a damaged word document file. Try saving it as a different name.

Have never been very successful and tried many different techniques but?

Lookup on Microsoft for damaged word files / corrupt?.

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Try going through Photo Editor

by BMcKenzie In reply to Word and Graphics don't m ...

Pasting images into Word can be a huge nightmare UNLESS you do the following:

1) Run MS Photo Editor (optional install from Office 97 CD);

2) Open your jpeg in Photo Editor.

3) Select all (Ctr-A), Copy (Ctr-C).

4) Go into Word and do Paste Special.

5) Under "Paste as" you should see an option for "Picture". Select it and click OK.

This forces Word to paste it with the smallest possible setting, and I have seen no degradation in quality.

Hope this helps.

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