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    word and combo box


    by zinka.topolcnik ·

    have anyone idea about working with combo box , drop-down boxes in word document?

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      Perhaps, what is the issue?

      by dchosenb ·

      In reply to word and combo box


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        by zinka.topolcnik ·

        In reply to Perhaps, what is the issue?

        is that i want make some questionnaire with answers given in ?combo box? instead to use columns where the answer would be selected with some character . I done same questionnaire in Excel and it work properly and now I am stacked in Word?.any suggestions?

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          You need to use the Forms toolbar

          by bill tumbleson ·

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          1) Right-click on the tool-bar area and add the “Forms” tool if not already there.

          2) Place your cursor in the document where you want the drop-down list to appear (a field in a table is always a good candidate)

          3) Click the Drop-Down Form Field icon on the Forms toolbar

          4) Right click the form field in the document and select Properties

          5) Add you items to the list (to have the first item in the list blank enter a space and move it to the top of the list)

          6) Repeat for whatever lists you wish to create

          7) On the menu go to Tools\Protect Document … and protect at least the form fields (password protect if you desire)

          8) The drop-down lists will work now

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          by zinka.topolcnik ·

          In reply to You need to use the Forms toolbar

          you for the advice!!
          I have tried before but it did not work.I did something wrong…Anyway, thanks again!

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