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    Word and Execl unique Problum


    by sasif26 ·

    It is network and some days back Nimda Virus had effect the network any way is clean now..
    But the most imp. is from in Execl nothing work’s like open, save or other… even after reinstallaing the MS office it is same
    then we upgraded from office97 to office XP
    now the problum is Word and Execl when they open to browes for files from network drive it takes 5 to 20 Min. to display, but at the same time from windows explore the drive can be browesed and the files can be accesced with out anyproblum.

    This is happning to the computers which had execl problum
    the other clients in the office are working fine with word and execl.

    could u have any solution for this

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