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Word corrupting causing text to bunch together

By Divad ·
Hey there, I have a problem on a particular users PC which using Windows XP Pro SP2 and Office XP SP3 where every so often her word session becomes corrupt and text in all views except normal view is bunched together in unreadable mess this also shows on the print outs.

The machine has been replaced she is on a new profile it has happened to a few others. The temporary fix is to reboot the machine recreating the does not fix the problem. The reboot resolves the issue for a week or so before it come back again.

Any ideas?? network related possibly?

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Video Driver

by paulusks In reply to Word corrupting causing t ...

Try installing an new video driver. We had a unique problem in Word where it would not display embedded pictures and a new video driver resolved the problem.

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Network Printer

by kpennington In reply to Video Driver

If this is a network you might also look at printers available. We have seen similar problems, admittedly in Excel where there have been problems with a printer driver and/or setup that changed the display configuration.

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Yeah, Me too!

by shaagtek In reply to Word corrupting causing t ...

I am having the same issue on my network here. I even replaced the client machine, upgraded to Word 2003 and it still does it. We are using a Windows 2000 server, XP service pak 2 clients, and printing (old HP Laserjet 5)through the parallel port from the server. This occurs usually when they send the job to be printed - this usually corrupts all open documents.

I have them NOT save the file, and reboot and reopen it, or go to another machine on the network - a horrible workaround. If anyone can fix this I would also appreciate it!

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Same problem here

by havard In reply to Word corrupting causing t ...

Same problem here too, I have had it for years. It doesn't happen so often if I have only one document open at the same time. The letters get crashed together when trying to print. I can save the document, close and reopen Word and then it's okay.

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