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Word docs created on Windows98 can work on Word versions on 2000/XP?

By avernille ·
My organisation is replacing "old" machines (Windows9 by newer ones, that come with XP or 2000?
Word documents created on XP - that use merging - work well with 2000, but not with 98. Also, documents created on 98 cannot be opened in XP or 2000. It seems alignment is not working well either...
One solution, not desired, would be having two diferent files, identical but for diferent versions: one for 98, the other for 2000/XP.
Is there a way to configure Windows or Word, so that a file can be opened in any of the mentioned Windows/Word versions?

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OS versus Office Suite

by JamesRL In reply to Word docs created on Wind ...

There is a differnce in the file format between Office 97 files and later versions(Office 2000 and XP use the same format). While working with a document in Office 2000 or Office XP, you can "Save As" an earlier version like Office 97, it is a translation. Normally this translation works very well.

If it isn't working as in your examples, I would compare some of the basic settings in your word processors to see if there is some glaring dicrepancy.

If you want to take away some of the formating, the RTF(Rich text format) format, another save as format, can be read by most word processors, including Word, Worperfect, various desktop publishing programs. A document created in Office XP could be read by Word 1.0 or Wordperfect 5.0. I'm not sure if that would include merg symbols.

Another thing to watch for is font substitution. If you use a font in one PC that doesn't exist in another, it may subsitute a font that has different charecter widths and spacing - which would also mess you up. Its fairly painless to install fonts from one machine to another.



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