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word document stuck in laptop need to move it to desktop

By slong ·
I have a word document saved in My Documents on my laptop. For some reason, my laptop does not connect to the internet via wireless anymore, so I can't send my word document to my contact. I want to move it to my desktop and send it from there, as I have DSL and can connect to the internet. HOw do I do this? I don't have cables yet to connect my laptop to my DSL for a shared line.

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the old way...

by dawgit In reply to word document stuck in la ...

A flopy maybe?

USB stick?

(big fingers again)

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Can you say "Floppy"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to word document stuck in la ...

Or "Thumbdrive"? How about burning the file to a CD? We used to call these methods "Sneakernet".

Or disconnect the desktop temporarily from the wire, connect the laptop, mail the file to yourself, reconnect the desktop, and open your mail.

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No floppy

by slong In reply to Can you say "Floppy"?

I just recently purchased a Dell laptop. It has the capability for a CD, but not floppy. So I guess I need to copy the document to the disc, and download it to my desktop. I just don't know why I can't get on the internet to do it. Up until a few days ago, I was able to get onto AOL, and could have emailed the document to myself, and picked it up off my desktop. But since there is a glitch with getting on the internet now, going the way of the disc is my only choice.

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Is that your only system?

by jdclyde In reply to word document stuck in la ...

If not, disconnect your pc and plug the laptop in.

Go to the store and buy a patch cable.

MAKE a patch cable.

Anyone with a laptop should have with them the ability to go wireless, wired, or dialup because you never know what will be available when your on the road.

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No, laptop and desktop at home available to me

by slong In reply to Is that your only system?

I agree with you that I need to have the cables to connect to a shared DSL connection. I haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. I will probably be out and about this weekend to pick up a cable. I know it sounds lame, but I am "scared" about doing anything that includes unplugging sparky in the computer room. That's the computer my husband uses, and if I screwed that one up, I might as well head East. Would acquiring a router to share the connections also be an option so I can get on the internet while he is?

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Oh, please tell me

by jdclyde In reply to No, laptop and desktop at ...

that your husbands PC is NOT plugged directly into the DSL line?

ALWAYS put a router between your pc and the internet!

At, they have Netgear WGR614's on clearance because the new ones are coming out.

If your using DSL, there is a user name and password. If you know these AND are running WinXP, you can take the cable from the desktop and plug it into the laptop (won't hurt anything).

If your not using a router, I hope he is at least running a firewall AND AV?

Looks like your bumm'en.

Have you tried a USB thumb drive?

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Thumb Drive?

by slong In reply to Oh, please tell me

Hmm. Interesting. I didn't even know about those. What do they run? As for the desktop, I BELIEVE he is plugged directly into the DSL. But he does have a firewall and virus protection thru AOL, as well as SpySweeper. I have a feeling that I will have to do a complete sweep of my laptop and utilize the automated Dell support that will reset and fix everything. Before that though I will just copy my document to a disc and send it off the desktop.

What a hassle.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thumb Drive?

Thumbdrives (a.k.a. flashdrives, other names) are small doodads about the size of a butane cigarette lighter. They have a USB connection so they can connect to almost any computer less than six years old. You just plug it into one of your computer's USB port and use it like another hard drive. The price is based on the amount of storage capacity, but you can get a small one (64Mb) for $20 - $35 at any Best Buy, Wal-mart, Office Depot, etc.

Before you wipe the drive and start from scratch, try this. Did your Dell come with multiple restore CDs? If so, look for one labeled Drivers and Utilities, or something similar. Put the CD in and it should start automatically. The program should show you a list of hardware available for your computer. Those devices that are actually installed have checkmarks beside them. Look for a checkmark beside a piece of equipment with the word "wireless" in the description. Double-click that item and the program should re-install just the drivers for the wireless card.

Wiping the drive and starting over is a pretty radical solution to losing your wireless connection. A computer shop can probably fix this for less than $100, especially if your bring along all the Dell and wireless CDs.

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good idea

by slong In reply to Answers


I believe there were a couple discs that came with the device. I will do that instead. It sounds like something just needs to be re-installed. However, is it possible that the signal I was receiving to work wireless could have been someone elses, and they "blocked" me from receiving it? If that is possible, that might have been what happened.

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Buy a

by zlitocook In reply to word document stuck in la ...

External drive case, put the hard drive from the laptop in it. And connect it to your computer, or buy an adapter that lets you connect your laptop drive to a IDE connector. Just retype the document. Buy a used Laplink setup off of Ebay, you can connect two computers by the printer connection.

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