word document

By moloi218 ·
unable to print a document, it shows
Word is preparing to backround print the document and it hangs afterwards

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And the OS is?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to word document

Assuming that it is some form of Windows check the Print Spooler for correct Function or even if it is turned on.


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word document

by moloi218 In reply to And the OS is?

The OS is WXP with Sp2

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by Bizzo In reply to word document

Are you able to print using anything else?
Notepad, excel, etc?

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by moloi218 In reply to Printing

yes I can print any other documents without any problems. I suspect this particular doc has a problem maybe

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Is it a large document?

by Bizzo In reply to printing

Is it a particularly large document, or a document with a lot of graphics in it?

It might be that the size of the document when printing might be too large for your spooler? How much spare disk space do you have? Try opening the printer queue, and then print your document, you should be able to see how many pages are being printed, and the size of the file getting sent to the printer before it hangs.

If size is the problem, you may be able to get around this by printing the document in parts, i.e. print the first 5 or 10 pages, then when they're printed, print the next 5 or 10, etc.

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RE: yes I can print any other documents without any problems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to printing

That would have been nice to know up front. But where did this Doc originate from?

Could it be protected to prevent Printing or Altering?

If it didn't originate from your organization it is very possible that Security was added to the original Document to make it Read Only.

But failing that look above about the size and the possibility of printing a couple of pages at a time.


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if it is an older

by Sue T In reply to word document

printer then you might want to try changing the font in the document to something like Times or Courier and see if it prints. You might also try copying the document and pasting it into a new document and seeing if the new document prints. There also might be something in the formatting of the document that is causing problems.

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