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    Word documents


    by mwalch111 ·


    I have an issue regarding all of my word documents. All of them are no longer in Word format, but formatted for Wordpad. It has moved all my margins out of line. Second, if I save the documents as a word file, why won’t it save it as such?

    Please respond at your convenience.


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      Easy Error….Easy Fix

      by sparkie_ig ·

      In reply to Word documents


      Most likely the way this occurred was when you went to open a file and it did not have a file type associated with it…so the message box came up ..for OPEN WITH….at the bottom of the box there is that little check box that is autochecked many times to yes. The box reads “Always use this format to open” or something like that.

      What you need to do is open your Explorer, then go to File …and View…then type. what you want to do is locate your word.doc type and in essence “re link it ” to WORD rather than wordpad.

      Another thing to check is while still here in the type location, pull up WORDPAD. you can view all of the file types or extensions that are connected to it….you can remove those that SHOULD not be there.

      hope it helps,


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