Word file will not open (Is it a corrupt file?)

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We have a folder on the server with some word files that now cannot be opened by anyone. The error we get is windows cannot start the converter mswrd632. I tried the fix listed in microsoft knowledge base 973904 but that seems more for if the problem was happening for every file and not just these few and we can open and edit other word files. Is there some way perhaps these files were saved incorrectly or something? I have attached one that will not open to see if anyone else can open it and tell me what we cannot.

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5 steps and your document will be restored

by franciscoalmanzar In reply to Word file will not open ( ...

Step 1. Use Word's repair feature.
Word 2002 and up have a feature to repair corrupt documents. Just go to FileàOpen. Select the file name, but don't open the file. Instead, go to the bottom-right of the File Open dialog box, and hit the
dropdown, and choose Open and Repair.
Step 2. Save the document as RTF.
This works particularly well with documents that have tables. Just FileàSave as. Choose Rich Text Format (*.RTF) as the file type. Save it, close it, reopen it and save it as a document again (though I
always suggest you save it with a new name, just in case).
Step 3. Insert the document into another document. Open a new, blank document. From the Insert menu, choose File. Browse to your corrupt file and double-click it. This option results in loss of any tracked changes, and may result in the loss of the Page Setup settings in the first section of your corrupt document.
Step 3. Copy to another document. If you're able to open your corrupt document, hit Ctrl Home, and then hit Shift Ctrl End. This selects your entire document. Let go of all keys. Now, hit the left Shift key, and hit your right arrow key once.
Copy. Open a new, blank document and paste. This option results in loss of any tracked changes, and may result in the loss of the Page Setup settings in the first section of your corrupt document.
Step 4. Try Recover Text From Any File.
We use this step at this point because it's easy. However, you will lose all graphics and formatting if you try this step and then save your file, so be careful! We're really just trying to determine if the text can be restored at all. If none of the other steps work, but this one, you may have to resort to this step as a final step.
Important: After using Recover Text From Any File, be sure to set the Files of Type back to Documents or you will begin to believe all your files are corrupt, when you're just using the wrong option to open them.
Once you have determined that you can recover the text, close the file without saving it, and continue with the following step.
Step 5. Third-party solutions.
Yes, there are third-party applications that claim to recover files. I've never found one that impresses me. Helpful source/knowledge which might useful in case your problem cant be solved by usual methods Recovery Toolbox for Word

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Word file will not open

by gregwann In reply to Word file will not open ( ...

Try this

I am sure your problem will be solved.

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