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Word for Windows 2.0

By jardinier ·
Well isn't that bloody amazing? I decided to install Word for Windows 2.0 on my XP computer and it runs like a charm and, in my opinion, leaves newer versions of Word for dead.

It picks up and reproduces correctly all fonts that are already installed on my computer.

Comments please?

BTW I get pi$$ed of with newer versions of Word such as XP because I cannot control bullets and numbering of lines because the program has a mind of its own.

It was this recurring nuisance that inspired me to install Word 2.0

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Be careful with opening documents from unknown sources

by TobiF In reply to Word for Windows 2.0

This version hasn't been maintained for quite some time, so a lot of nasty things may be out there, which this version isn't immune against.

Besides that. Of course. Older versions ran fine on much slower and smaller systems. On today's systems they'll just fly.
(Remember how I once found an old copy of Tetris. It was impossible to play on a newer computer: as soon as the game started, the full vertical would fill up in a couple of seconds... On the slowest setting.)

However, take your moment to enjoy now. Your next computer is likely to have a 64bit system, and there I'm afraid it won't work anymore.

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Set your refresh rate to 60 and force vertical sync

by Slayer_ In reply to Be careful with opening d ...

This should force 60fps and be only slightly faster than the original game. you may also need to restrict it to a single processor.

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That was in last century

by TobiF In reply to Set your refresh rate to ...

I think i finally threw away the floppy this spring, after my tenants flooded my basement.

But I haven't had any floppy driver anywhere for many-many years. So somehow I did't suffer anyway. :)

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Two decades ago

by jardinier In reply to That was in last century

Word 2.0 was released around 1990. My version says "Copyright 1989-19**."

I have several copies of it and was pleasantly surprised that all 7 discs were OK and there was no installation problem.

I was considering finally discarding all my software that is on floppies. I am glad I did not do that. My diary, notes etc program is Sidekick 2.0 designed for Windows 3.1. It works on some XP computers but causes an error on others.

Because I still occasionally use floppies, I have found to my dismay that the quality is very erratic. Verbatim used to be the standard I think, but some brand new Verbatim floppies don't work at all.

I have pretty much bypassed the CD burner era and now use flash drives for transfer of data from one computer to another. Back-ups are done to an external hard drive.

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64 bit system ???

by jardinier In reply to Be careful with opening d ...

Over my dead body. :)

Regarding speed and games. I once copied from an old computer an excellent version of Scrabble (called Scramble) which was MS-DOS. But it wouldn't work on anything faster than 33 Mhz.

On another old computer I found an excellent Windows version -- a totally different game but also called Scramble. It takes a whole 300 or so kilobytes of hard drive space and works like a charm on XP.

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