Word got crashed before saving.

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Hi, after saving a document in word, it has crashed. And I can’t open it again. A few days it was ok. But now my Word has gone mad. Please tell me how to make it open again. (Office 2010, win 7) Thanks.

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10 minutes and there is no problem.

by MikkyMEGAMaster In reply to Word got crashed before s ...

Your Word document will become corrupted when your computer infects a virus, or your hard drive gets damaged, or Word program become insatiable. Whatever the reason is, if you have a corrupt Word file you need to restore it before you can access the content in the file. Microsoft Word features a built-in Auto Recover function to recover unsaved Word. Word program saves your document every 10 minutes by default. Therefore, you can recover the work you created 10 minutes ago. You are suggested to set the automatic save every minute or two, because you can type a lot of information within 10 minutes.
Step 1: After interruption, launch Microsoft Word. A prompt may present you with any unsaved data. Open these documents, you should find the file on which you previously work on before the interruption. Save it into another document. If the prompt does not appear, go to step 2.
Step 2: Go to "Tool"->"Options"->"File Location". Check if there is text next to "AutoRecover Files". This will be the location of any unsaved documents that were unexpected closed.
Step 3: Try some recovery tool. You may try recovery toolbox for Word or something else. There is more information about your problem.

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Apply this guide for Word document recovery

by donaldreynolds In reply to Word got crashed before s ...

New File

Open the document that you were working with that you need to recover.

Click "File," "Recent" and "Recover Unsaved Documents" located at the bottom right of the dialog box.

Select the file you want to recover from the Saved Drafts folder that appears. Click "Open."

Click "Save As" in the business bar along the top of the file, and rename the file as desired.

Previously Saved File

Open the document that you were working with that you need to recover.

Click "File," "Info" and under Versions, click the version "(When I Closed Without Saving)."

Click "Restore" in the business bar at the top of the file to update the file to the last saved version of the document.

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