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By techless ·
Can Word be set to open a global template ( containing a department's required macros, and then also somehow open a collection of personal macros?
A dept leader wants all users in one dept to have the same standard page formats, and the individual users also want their 'personal' macros to open.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Word Macros

Yes it can be done. Create the templates, then the tempaltes folder fopr ms office, create a start up defautl word template call this file [something].dot stick that in the office start up directory. then change the file path word settings in the tool options part in word to point to those directories.

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by techless In reply to

I am going to give this a try ... the part I have not used is the start up directory - it sounds like it might be an option. Thanks.

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by bschaettle In reply to Word Macros

Do *NOT* add your department macros to

Word uses this file to hold any personal macros that the user may record, as well as customizations like AutoText and keyboard shortcuts. If you then update the file because the department macros have changed, all their customizations will be wiped out. Trust me, you don't want to be there when this happens...I have the scars to prove it.

Instead, keep your department macros in a separate file, named something like, and copy it into the users' Word Startup Folder. It's also a good idea to come up with a naming convention for the Dept macros, so your users don't record a personal macro and inadvertantly give it the same name as one of the Dept macros. I start the names of all my Dept macro with the initials of my company and an underscore (e.g., ABC_InsertSignatureBlock ).

Here's another technique that can simplify your life: for the Word Startup and Templates folders, point to folders on the users' network storage area. Then if you have security access to these folders, you can update their macros very easily.

One last suggestion: if each user's network storage area is assigned a consistent drive letter (we use U:\), and Word uses folders in this area as discussed above, then your users can log in at any workstation and Word will point to THEIR folders and customizations (AutoText, etc.).

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by techless In reply to

Thanks -- I appreciate the reminder about the - I agree = don't remove that ...we've already tried that. It is why we are looking at other options. techless

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by techless In reply to Word Macros

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