Word Mail Merge Problem using Access Tables or Querys

By allen ·
This problem was reported to my by one of my clients, and I have confirmed that it is indeed a problem although intermittent at times.

This problem exists with multiple databases, Word is version 2003 SP-2.

When selecting a datasource for Word mail merge as an MS Access Database,
an error may be reported that Word cannot open the table
an error will indicated that record one contained too few data fields.

What I know so far.
If the database was upgraded from Access97 to Access2K, then the problems may go away if a new database is created and the objects are imported from the old db.
This has worked so far, but does not work if the database was originally created with Access2K or above.

Rebooting the PC may correct the problems, this was reported by my client, but I have not been successful in confirming this.

The merge seems to work if using DDE, but this is extremely slow! But not with ODBC.

I'm sure were not the only ones experiencing this problem.

If you have ideas, please let me know.


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