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Word Mail Merge with More Than 1 Record

By jillm ·
Working on Windows XP with MS Word 2003 and Access 2003. Is there a way to create a mail merge document that will use more than 1 record per table in a single page? For example, Patient A has three records, each listing a different medication. We want one page for Patient A listing each of the three different medications. Next page starts with Patient B who has four different medications, all of which should be on a single page (even though they are contained in four different records--one record for each medication). I'm thinking there's probably an if...then...else field that can be entered (or something similar), but I can't figure out how to do this. Any suggestions?

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by parier In reply to Word Mail Merge with More ...

Yes. I would start by writing a query to create a table/xls doc that will include all the fields and data you want to see. Once this is created, this will be your data source.

So, if patient A has 10 medications, you should have 10 records for him/her. AND the required information should be there 10 times, first name, last name, address, patient ID#, etc) Duplicate values such as these can be filtered using excel.

Once the data source is created as XLS, I would personally use Access, since you can write your query and interface your main data source and streamline the whole process. For example, users would open Access, click on a button, then the "make table" option would automatically create the query, insert these records to a new or update an existing table, then open the report which would be formatted for the desired results from a joined query and have patients name, info and only their medications per page...along with any other information you may need contained in existing tables and included in the join.

It?s not as scary as it seems, just itemize each step and move forward to get something, then since Access is easy to modify once created, you can beef it up later and include more tables, fields as required.

Hope this helps.

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by jillm In reply to

Thanks, but this didn't answer my question. The Access database table is already created. It's the Word field I needed help with. I appreciate your taking the time to respond, though. That was a good response. Sorry I didn't make it clearer that it is the Word side of things I need help with.

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by chavdaraju In reply to Word Mail Merge with More ...

The best way to solve this problem is,
Create a query and use it in MS Word mail merge.

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by jillm In reply to

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by jillm In reply to Word Mail Merge with More ...

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