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Word Nerds before Word?

By mirossmac2 ·
I miss the Exidy Sorceror, 4Mhz Z80 CPU, 48k RAM boostable to 64K with either a WordPac or an MBasicPac, and 64k hard-sectored disks that took whole minutes to write a 30k file. Even more I miss SpellBinder, with its built-in macro-programming language and, later, its DTP version. I could do typography with that SDP beyond anything in today's offerings, adjustments down to 1/300th inch. I don't miss IBM keyboards because I still have two! And the Hercules VDU with its yellow screen and its ultra-legible letters.
And the mags that printed Z80 assembler code? Inspired by them I managed a clunky wordcount program, lacking in Spellbinder.

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