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Word Opens Off the Left hand side of my screen

By jessenorris ·
I have office 2003 pro installed on my comp im running win XP, all the other office programs work fine but word opens off the side of the screen like it was setup for a multi screen option, I need word to work so I tried reinstallation but that did not help, now depredate I done the office updates including sp2, that also did not help.

Dose anyone have any clue as to how to fix this problem???

Thanks in advance for your help

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Try this

by TechExec2 In reply to Word Opens Off the Left h ...

Try this:

1. Start MS Word.

2. Right click on the MS Word button in the Task Bar and choose "Move".

3. Press the "Cursor Right" key once. This will move the window a little to the right and put it in "move mode" (for lack of a better term). The mouse has now also "captured" the window.

4. Move the mouse left and/or right (without clicking). When you see window on the screen, click and it will stay there.

5. Close MS Word.

6. Restart MS Word. It should open in the same place as where you closed it in Step 5. The position is remembered in the Registry.

Post back and let me know if this did it for you.

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Could be

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Try this

a long wait to find out...

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Can't you type eight words...

by TechExec2 In reply to Could be

Can't you type eight words correctly without having to edit?

]:) :^0

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by webdood In reply to Try this

That did the trick.

That is clearly a bug with Office 2003 having to do with the registry settings that store the location of a window becoming corrupted. This happened to me when a multi-monitor display system crashed.


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That worked!

by webdood In reply to Try this
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Worked for me, too!

by anthonyd In reply to That worked!

That worked for me, too!

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Worked great

by DAVE6263 In reply to Try this

The tip worked perfectly for me, I am a bit confused on why it does this in the first place any ideas?

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Right-click on taskbar, select Cascade Windows

by DelbertPGH In reply to Word Opens Off the Left h ...

It makes all your windows equally sized and standing in a nice little line.

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thank you

by jessenorris In reply to Word Opens Off the Left h ...

cheers that worked a treat

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Hmm - have the same issue, but don't seem to have these options in Win7

by beengreen In reply to Word Opens Off the Left h ...

I don't have any Cascade Windows options, and when I right click on Word in the taskbar, I don't have the option to 'move'

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