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By tainian2000 ·
How to add on an interactive menu to select possible phrases into a field in a template?
I need to make a five part document to make plans according to a "suggested eductional training program" to use in my school. Since it has long verbiage it takes four(4) hours to for the old teachers to complete this nuissance.
I would like to make a tool to reduce the writting using Word or another word processing program. Management is trying to bury us in paperwork! In the new educational atmosphere in New York school managers have this "modern" trend.

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Drop-down Menus

by gsquared In reply to Word program

You can add drop-down menus with pre-filled-in options to Word. Open the Forms toolbar, select in the document where you want the drop-down to appear, click on the drop-down option on the toolbar, fill in the options in the wizard that pops up. When you've got the form set up with the pre-filled options in it, click the little padlock on the forms toolbar to lock the document. Then save it and it can be used to fill in preselected options as a form.

Another option is to save the pre-written phrases in a document, then have people copy-and-paste them into a regular Word document. If you save the phrases in an Excel sheet, it's pretty easy to organize and manage them. Little bit of a pain to use, but requires no real development, and allows for a LOT of boilerplate phrases.

More advanced options are available, like setting up a menu with some macros that type in phrases where you want them, but see if one of these will do what you need.

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Thanks and apreciation for your advise...

by tainian2000 In reply to Drop-down Menus

I am going to try this to help my other coleagues because the new form of planning for this "suggested" Teachers College program has extreme verbiage and like you correctly describe has boiler plate phrases LOL...may elder educators appreciate your kind advice. Best Regards, Charlie.

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by jd In reply to Word program

Word does have excellent spellchecking capabilities. Might I suggest writing it in Word, then transferring it to html to be read over Intranet? That way you can use an interactive menu, as well as the bookmark capabilities of html web pages. You surely have intranet at the schools. If not, once you have it done, you can put it in CD format and still use html. What you are talking about should easily fit on 1 CD. If you use a lot of pictures, be sure to resize them.

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