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    Word Woes

    by kramerica1 ·


    I am using Office 2019, and for years now I have been trying to figure out why whenever re-opening a lengthy Word document, the very handy navigation box (titled: Pick up where you left off) went missing, and how to get it back – I have finally, after almost 30 years found the solution (to a degree only).
    Now it is visible, but won’t memorise the exact point where the cursor location was when saving the document at the last session.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accurately memorise the last-saved location of the cursor?

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      I’d try SHIFT+F5

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Word Woes

      But no to the cursor location. We may have to be happy with landing on the area and not the exact location.

      Here’s an article that details why some documents don’t work with this feature:

      If you feel Microsoft needs to fix or improve this, tell them.

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        Word Woes

        by kramerica1 ·

        In reply to I’d try SHIFT+F5

        I knew this success was too good to last, as I checked this morning – but – back to square one.
        And I already know that there is a keyboard shortcut for this; but due to the brain-damage I suffered at birth – I have a very poor memory (including remembering shortcuts and key combinations) this is why I specifically want this visual box.

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          Are you reporting the GO BACK FIX in the link is now broken?

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Word Woes

          Sometimes I supply what may be a fix and the member dismissed it so I can’t know if it worked or not..

          As to memory my relatives use sticky notes with what they forgot on them.

          Back to adding a visual box it is possible to add such to Word with what they call VBA CODE but this can be costly as you need a programmer and for many this also means getting support on your PC to install and configure it to exactly what you want.

          HOWEVER all this might do is get that dialog box and not get the cursor to exactly where you left off.

          I don’t offer such services but on the web there are markets such as and for hiring programmers.

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          Word Woes

          by kramerica1 ·

          In reply to Are you reporting the GO BACK FIX in the link is now broken?

          Hi rprofitt

          Firstly – if you (and basically everybody) read properly what I posted in the brackets-you will agree that it doesn’t read “go back”, so the answer to your question is no.
          And if whoever designed this site was dedicated to improving this site, he/she would have included the ability to add screendumps to help illustrate what everyone is trying to explain (and I wanted to add a graphic from the very start). If this site has the ability to let me post a example screendump – please let me know how, as I haven’t used this site for a long time.

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          About screendumps. Supported but hard to use.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Word Woes


          The image is on and I used BBSCODE which this forum understands. What is BBCODE?

          I don’t see how a screendump will help since as far as I can tell you can’t remember Shift+F5, don’t think the go back fix applies and more.

          In your case you must take your grievances back to Microsoft or hire a programmer to implement exactly what you want.

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          Word woes

          by kramerica1 ·

          In reply to About screendumps. Supported but hard to use.

          I beg to differ (to a degree-no offence)- some existing word docs have this feature while some don’t; I agree that MS is to blame but when trying to research and find a answer to this online, all answers are only addressing “how to put a stop to this feature”; and that this useful feature was introduced in Word 2013.
          For the record – Other Word users also reported having this navigating box at the start, but are now in my position too.
          But on the other hand thanks for suggesting that I make this grievance known to MS for the next release of Office (although I hardly doubt they will fix it)

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          I wish you tried the GoBack fix at link.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Word woes

          “[b]The bug[/b]
          If using Word 2000 or higher, you will notice that some files you open won’t “go back” when you press Shift+F5.

          This is because in Word 2000 and above, the \PrevSel1 bookmark isn’t set in the last document that’s closed when you exit Word, if you select “Yes” to save the changes to the document.

          In fact, in this scenario, even if the \PrevSel1 bookmark exists prior to closing the document, it’s actually destroyed when the document is saved!”

          This seems to fit neatly with your complaint.

          While I can’t find a fix for the dialog box outside of hiring a programmer the article does appear to correct the bug about Shift+F5 not working on some documents.

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          Word Woes

          by kramerica1 ·

          In reply to I wish you tried the GoBack fix at link.

          Hi rproffitt

          Thanks for letting me know that this is a bug and that the same thing happens with Shift+F5 – and knowing Microsoft’s track record, I am not even remotely surprised at all that they’re to blame (I have 2 computers with Word 13 & 19), up until now I assumed a simple configuration somewhere was the fix.
          You mention above that the bookmark is destroyed whenever saving the document, the only possibility (even though it’s a slim chance) is if “save as” is used instead; of save and Word might treat the whole document as a new document.

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