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Word2003 problems

By idts ·
I have a customer that has Word2003 that is having lots of problems. I've deleted ALL files I could find including She's NOT on a network, there aren't multiple copies of Word2003 on the machine. The copy of Word2003 is not a M'sft copy. It was given to her from a friend that automatically installs without asking for a product key. My suspicion is that not everything installed with this copy because when Word comes up it says that it's installing a feature which is unnamed.

When she clicks on some tasks the words are displayed in what appears Chinese characters.

The font names are displayed as one character such as "R" or "T" or "V". If I go to WordPad the names are fine.

And finally, when she sends emails with Word attachments they shut down that persons computer. But no virus is detected.

I'm going to install an actual copy of Word2003 on her computer to see if that resolves these issues but if anyone has any other suggestions or has run into this please let me know.



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by sgt_shultz In reply to Word2003 problems

i have not run across anything like that myself. golly it's a good thing i got with the program and paid for my software. whew.
We got it, Microsoft.
Have you and your friend explored Open Office, a suite of programs similar and compatible with MS Office. works just fine. and free. download at
no annoying schemes are required to break the software copyright protection and as a bonus: no pesky macro language either i think...
i carry it around but no takers so far. we'd rather pirate...because we always looking for a way to say 'yes we can' when somebody says 'no you can't'

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by idts In reply to Word2003 problems

I was able to resolve a couple issues. I found when attempting to Add/Remove Software there was a Works add-in for Word. When I removed that software Word stopped attempting to install when it comes up.

Now I just have to figure out why the fonts are appearing as one letter in Word but WordPad shows the actual font name. I'll attempt to reinstall the fonts. Maybe that'll fix it.

Also, I've noticed when I click on "Properties" under "File" the words are in Chinese.

One thing at a time...

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