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    Wordpad vs Notepad


    by skywarriora3 ·

    On my Windows 98 machine at work if I open a text file that is to large for Notepad, I’m asked if I would like to use Wordpad instead.

    On my Windows 98 machine at home this also used to happen. Now all I get is a message that the file is to large for notepad and to use another text editor.

    I’d like to use the automatic prompt to use Wordpad. How do I get my home machine to do that.

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      Wordpad vs Notepad

      by tbradley ·

      In reply to Wordpad vs Notepad

      Open my computer and click on view

      click on folder options

      click on file types

      scroll down until you see text document

      highlight text document, and select edit

      hit edit

      in the dialog box, click on open

      change notepad.exe to wordpad.exe

      ( you can also change this to MS Office if you have it )

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      Wordpad vs Notepad

      by skywarriora3 ·

      In reply to Wordpad vs Notepad

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