WordPerfect X3 compatibility with Office 2007

Can WP X3 open Office 2007 documents?
Reference Corel WordPerfect X3 with sp1.

We have one user, an excellent WP user from a law background. We are trying to allow her to continue in the WP world instead of moving to the MS world.

A considerable google search finds only references to the opening of WP docs with Office 2007 but no mention of the opening of Office 2007 docs with WP. I found the WPUniverse site with no information of this query.

Thanks in advance for your time

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It can open and save

by IC-IT In reply to WordPerfect X3 compatibil ...

Word 2003 documents;

WordPerfectX4 can handle the docx (2007 files). I don't think it can save them as word 2007 though. Here is one review;

docXConverter can convert the files to rtf, but you will loose all the formatting etc.

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Thanks - Good research idea

by MPOK In reply to WordPerfect X3 compatibil ...

It never downed on me to do a simple look at the WP X4 features instead of just hammering at X3 searches.
The cnet review will give our management something to think about:
which is more painful upgrading at a significant cost and without full compatibility to Office 2007 or force a powerful user to relearn?

Again. Many thanks.

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