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    WordPress or handcode

    by trebleclefgm ·

    I have become fairly competent at writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and can produce a decent website. Nothing too fancy, but gets the job done. I am a purist at heart and love to code from scratch. No frameworks what so ever. But I feel left behind because I don’t like using WordPress or some other CMS. I just love to build and code from scratch. I feel like my sites don’t compete because they don’t use the most popular frameworks or they aren’t powered by WordPress. I feel like the WordPress site will have better SEO and attract more visitors and that customers just prefer sites built with WordPress even though technically they don’t know what that means. But I love to code and don’t find WordPress development interesting at all. Does anyone else feel this way?

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      You will find next step more interesting.

      by bitgeek33 ·

      In reply to WordPress or handcode

      I love to code too, and like to learn new things too.

      I am still a novice, but wordpress is one of my forte.

      Apart from faster project development, there is a lot under the hood that require actual problem solving and your coding skills, at a much higher level.

      Wordpress gives you a structure, but it also give you insight into the mind of professional coders, which you can use in your hand coded projects too.

      Even with css and html, you can experiment a lot, and there are a lot of customisation for look and animation that requires you to be adapt in both.

      For example I don’t like to use any plugin for home page blocks and hand code them with raw html and css. Where it gives me full control of look, the rest of the wordpress system shorten my development time and gives me more time to tweak the look of site the way I want.

      Also you will find more challenge and fun while creating custom plugin and themes for wordpress, all in core php and html.

      Take a step further, you will love it !!

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        Sounds interesting

        by trebleclefgm ·

        In reply to You will find next step more interesting.

        Thank you for your reply. I have thought of trying my hand at developing a theme for WordPress. Just never got round to it. I will find a guide online and have a go. I have nothing against WordPress, just don’t like point and click.

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