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Best WordPress plugin for using WebP images?
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Best WordPress plugin for using WebP images?

by TechPran In reply to WordPress Plugin

The Best WordPress WebP Plugins

Jetpack is a free plugin for WordPress. ...
ShortPixel allows you to enable WebP support in WordPress in conjunction with Cache Enabler plugin.
OptimusHQ is the premium version of Optimus plugin. ...
EWWW Image Optimizer plugin also allows you to convert your images to WebP.

I found this answer helpful while surfing through quora.

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Best WordPress plugin for using WebP images

by alanaalison4 In reply to Best WordPress plugin for ...

With images typically accounting for 50% of an average web page's weight, anything you can do to optimize your images not only saves you space on your server but ensures your pages are served faster.

WebP is a web image format developed by google that can offer smaller image file sizes at a similar level of quality to existing image formats. in this post, we’ll dig further into the question of “what is webp?” and share more about the format.

When it comes to saving images for use on the web, there are a number of file types you can use. the three most common options are png, jpeg (or jpg), and gif. while these formats are popular, each has its own unique pros and cons:

jpegs can display highly-detailed images with lots of colors, making them perfect for photographs. at the same time, the files are often very large and don’t always hold up well under compression.
pngs are ideal for images without a lot of data involved, such as logos or interface screenshots. they’re excellent at retaining quality when compressed and support transparency, but don’t work well for photographs.
gifs are excellent for animations, but not great for saving static images.

Listed below plugin much useful this...
WP Enable WebP
WebP Express
WP Rocket and many more plugins... available on the internet.

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Try out WP Rocket

by Dave Baker In reply to WordPress Plugin

WP Rocket has a built-in option to convert images to WebP and serve the scaled WebP images. That's why it is a highly rated WordPress speed optimization plugin. (link removed by moderator)

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