work after quitting..

By katokato ·
I recently quit my job a as contrator. I had to quit mainly because the developer turned BA was very insulting, annoying. He criticised my every appraoch ever though he had lesser experience than me. He was not even familiar with terminology, yet he questioned my technical ability in a very demeaning manner. When i complained to my boss, nothing changed. So i finally QUIT. With his behaviour the project would have Failed anyway.

I have all the documentation why and when i left. My previos employers are very happy with me. Would i have hard time for my next job? Did any body else have such exprience, how they handle it?


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Tell the truth

by ccthompson In reply to work after quitting..

Ive quit a few jobs in my day, always to try and advance. Just tell the next employer the truth of why you quit. I think any potential interviewer would understand the reasoning behind it if you tell them what you went through.

Always move and advance, life is too short to take crap from some know it all!

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It depends on just how Diplomatic you wish to be

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to work after quitting..

Personally I would just say that I left because of a personality clash that way there is no possibility of an interviewer considering you as a Bad Risk should you leave that place.

If you go into a long spiel about what you when through that will be a big Put Off to any potential employer as they will see the same possibility happening at your next interview should you leave them.

I would say be Honest but at the same time you don't need to go into a great amount of detail so keep answers to questions short & to the point, you don't need to spend 30 minutes answering a question that can be answered in 2 or 3 words.


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