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work area move

By schristo ·
A new VP of sales is trying to get the IT area moved. Currently we are behind closed doors that lock after 5:00p.m.
I need some good arguments for not moving from behind these doors.
We setup and configure PC's and servers in the current area - all IT staff is in the same location. This means programmers/SAP team members/PC technicians/network admin.
They want to keep a small work area and move our cubicles from behind the walls into a public area.
Most of our time would be spent in the work area the size of which would be cut down by about 2/3 -which would not be enough space.
I have been looking for some type of preferred IT work area documents or some type of standards but have not found anything.
Does anyone have any good arguments that I can add to my own list?

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Pick one or the other

by Jessie In reply to work area move

Most of your work will be done in one area or the other. I've seen a lot of supposedly seperated IT build areas and support areas. It almost ALWAYS ends up with the support area becoming a build area, with parts strewn about, simply because you HAVE to be able to do other work.

For example, while a system is building... and you need to work on documentation, so either you a)hang out in the "build" area and wait for the build to complete so you can get it out to the customer asap thereby decreasing your efficiency, or b)you go to your "support" area and do your documentation, time keeping, research, what have you, thereby reducing customer service, or c)you take your build to your desk and end up with parts strewn all about where they are an eyesore for clients who "stop by for a quick question" and your tech department then looks horribly unorganized and non-secure.

The most efficient model is to have tech desks and build area in the SAME SPACE! You can keep an eye on your builds, repairs, diagnostics, and still get other work accomplished.

Seperating the two areas tends to be a real security issue due to the fact that most techs will take that build, or repair to their desk to try to complete it, possibly leaving unsecured equipment at their workstation when they get called away on an "emergency."

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Security Issues

by Salamander In reply to work area move

The first thing I would raise would be security issues, both personal and equipment:

1. Do you have techs working alone, late, after hours? Is this an area accessible to the public? Is this an area in which the techs would feel uncomfortable working after dark? How close is parking to this area as compared to the current area? Do the techs feel safe walking to and from work in this new area after hours?

2. If this is a public area, is there risk to equipment of theft, accidental damage, etc? Does any of your equipment require climate controls that would be a nuisance to people occupying proximate areas? Is there sufficient parking to load and unload equipment in this new area? What are the key controls like? Are you moving to an area with an abundance of electrical interference or other undesirable conditions? Do you require proximity to the wiring closet or POP of the building?

As for accommodate your current equipment, I suppose that you could cost out an elaborate shelving or rack system to accommodate your needs. Are there enough electrical and data jacks to accommodate the staff? Cost out what it would be to add new ones. In my experience, higher-ups are most responsive to cost. If the move will be expensive, it will make them consider it more closely.

As for the rest...sorry if that sounds paranoid, but I don't know what kind of environment you have to deal with.

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no more playing games on work time ...

by secure_lockdown In reply to work area move

sucker ;-)

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by dafe2 In reply to work area move

Actually, unless your group deals in confidential or HR related 'investigations' your out of luck.

The other would be if your staging Servers and/or workstations in your area. These should be in a secure location simply because you don't know what types of data you may be moving through them - again confidentiality.

IMO these are the only reasons to be in a 'secure' area.

Unless your actually talking about a 'server' room of course.

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on a serious note

by secure_lockdown In reply to Confidential

it's better for your health in the long run if the servers and network gear are *beind* the locked doors and you are seated *far away* from them. there are a few studies that are bringing up some very distressing research about the what longterm exposure to the electronics is doing to us humans.

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