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Work bench, IT lab or just plane ole TINKERING

By sgreen ·
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Your employer has given you the keys to a lockable 15 X 15 room with an isolated 110/120 volt 600 amp and 220 volt 500 amp wired room so that you can start fixing isolated computer electrical isssues around the office (non automotive). There is a 24 port patch panel on the wall: two CAT5e 100mb, two CAT 6 GigE, two SFPs LC, two CAT two extension IP phone and a live Direct TV satelite feed with no box. The room is empty and you will need to stock it with the tools to complete your assignment. You are also instructed to make a list that contains 90% of the tools and or testers now and from a limited number of suppliers, incidentals and or overlooked bigger items can be ordered later. What is it that your order and from whom. Seriously think about this, you dont want to disappoint.

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What's your budget?

by NickNielsen In reply to Work bench, IT lab or jus ...

Start with the DirectTV box and work up from there!

Seriously, if you're going to be working on PCs and power supplies in this room, you will need two-level benches with embedded power (the bench for the PC, the shelf for media and monitors). Depending on how obsessive you are about ESD, mats, jumpers, and grounds.

For power supply troubleshooting, a load tester, an oscilloscope, a power monitor, and a digital voltmeter.

For repairs, a complete soldering station on its own bench (and circuit; consider utility power for this one). A complete set of soldering tools, including a goose-neck magnifier lamp and exhaust hood (to remove soldering gases). Solder, components (capacitors, resistors, regulators, bridge rectifiers, etc.).

The most comprehensive toolbox you can justify, including as many sizes as you can get of both ANSI and metric nutdrivers and Allen wrenches up to 1/2" and 15mm. Torx drivers, in common sizes, from T1 through at least T25. Flat-tip screwdrivers from precision to 3/16", in every shank length you can get. Phillips screwdrivers from #000 to #4 in every shank length you can get. All sizes and types of pliers, both precision and standard: long-nose, needle-nose, chain-nose, bent-nose. 6" and 9" slip-joint pliers. Straight, diagonal, and flush cutters. Small, medium, and large Crescent wrenches. Impact alignment tools, from 8-ounce to at least 2.5 pound.

Anything else you can think of that might possibly, conceivably, be useful and you can convince them to buy.

Edit: No, wait, you work for the government? A folding chair and table, a $20 DVM, and a $10 soldering iron. Salvaged parts. Used tools. Try DRMO.

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Surveillance cameras, sofa, big screen TV

by robo_dev In reply to Work bench, IT lab or jus ...

The cameras are so you can see if the boss is at the door, and the sofa and TV are to perform extended performance tests on PCs using gaming software.

But seriously, there is a lot of 'it depends'.

What do you mean by 'isolated computer electrical issues'?

For all intents and purposes, you fix most computer problems by swapping boards. So other than a real simple tool kit and a DMM, the only other things might be a ATX power-supply tester and a cable tester. All things a typical tech carries in his tool bag.

IF, on the other hand, you're talking about actually doing component-level repair on PCs (which typically does not make sense since it's cheaper to replace the board, and repair schematics are not available), then you're looking at a few grand in equipment to buy things like SMD rework station, stereo microscopes, SMD rework oven, etc. etc. The biggest chunk of cash would go towards a good digital storage oscilloscope, plus other goodies like bench power supplies, signal injectors, capacitor and inductor testers, etc etc.

This sounds an awful lot like a homework assignment....

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You forgot the Wii and Xbox 360 no text.

by magic8ball In reply to Surveillance cameras, sof ...

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