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Work Ethic is the core issue

Technology cannot combat a poor work ethic. You become a web cop and not only does it inject uneasy feelings in ALL your employees, but it also reduces your productivity as a manager. You must deal with the CORE issue of Work Ethic, NOT the outlet of it.

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I somewhat agree

by ariston In reply to Work Ethic is the core is ...

Work ethic is extremely important, however, trying to teach someone a topic as ethereal as work ethic can be a daunting task. I agree though that technology is only making it easier for people who slack off to continue to slack off. On dialup, it was probably fairly rare to see a user browsing the internet instead of working on a report. Now, though, people are browsing and chatting more than performing the tasks for which they are being paid. There are still those people who strive for excellence in the work place, and it is attitudes like theirs that we hope will spread to others.

Ariston Collander

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