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Work in Lowell, MA

By Net Designer ·
Greetings to All!
I am a network administrator/engineer with over 10 years of experience, looking to relocate from NYC to Lowell, MA.
I need an employment agency to help me find a suitable position. I would most certainly appreciate if anyone could point me into the right direction, or better yet, if you have an opening, I'd be glad to e-mail you my resume.

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Never depend on others

by JamesRL In reply to Work in Lowell, MA

Its not a bad step to post here. But from a veteran job hunter, let me give you a few tips.

Its not a bad idea to contact employment agencies, but never depend on them. They are staffed with salespeople - don't forget that.

Do some research. Find out who the major employers are (google is your friend). If you find one that looks interesting, approach them directly. It helps if you can find a contact in the company who can tell you about corporate culture etc. Market yourself.

Don't ignore the electronic boards - if nothing else they can tell you something about avaerage salaries and types of companies in Lowell.

Use every means at your disposal. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


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Agreed - agency is just one place to look...

by Net Designer In reply to Never depend on others

for work. I pulled up Yahoo's info on IT and other Co's in the area and am contacting them directly as well :)
Anyhow, it's been a while since I had to look for work, especially when relocating, and any advice on the subject is welcome.

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Why Lowell?

by stress junkie In reply to Agreed - agency is just o ...

I think you'd be better off finding a job and then finding a place to live that is near your job.

Most IT people who live in Lowell work in Boston. Nasty commute. There is train service from Lowell to Boston. It can be a problem if you have to stay late and then find that the next train from North Station in Boston to Lowell is leaving tomorrow morning.

I have lived in Lowell. I currently live further southwest in Massachusetts. Most jobs are in Boston because that's where most of the Fortune 1000 companies have their offices. Few businesses west of Route 128 have full time IT staff.

Things were different when Digital Equipment Corp had at least 50 different facilities thoughout New England. They employed about half of the IT talent in New England. When they disappeared so did the jobs.

Look on and for jobs. Even if the listings are stale you will still get an idea of what skills are in demand and the geographic hot spots for IT jobs.

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Good advice

by Net Designer In reply to Why Lowell?

I guess you are right.
My reasons for Lowell were the school I wanted to attend there, but there is also a campus of the same school in Boston, so I'll be considering it as well. Thanks.

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Here's a good resource

by stress junkie In reply to Good advice

Check out this web site for the MBTA. (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)

If you get a job in or near Boston you may be able to use the commuter trains, buses, and subways to avoid driving to work or school.

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So, how do I proceed with relocation?

by Net Designer In reply to Work in Lowell, MA

Thanks to all for suggestions.
Now, that I've decided where I want to live :), how do I go about it?
Do I look for a job first? Get apartment first? Move to new place and start looking for work? What was your experience with relocating? Luckily, NY is not far from Boston, so I could go there for interviews while living in NYC, although, it's not a convenient option.

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Some more resources

by stress junkie In reply to Work in Lowell, MA

Here are some resources to help you find a place to live:

It would seem to me that you should get a good idea of housing costs before you negotiate a salary. Housing is very expensive in Massachusetts.

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