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By lchungwe ·
I had been performing my daily operations, projects, as well as supporting users since the day I joined the company.Whether it is day or nite or in the middle of the nite,i just do my job ensure that users are happy with my dept services. What my concern is that will the mgt understand the reasons y I am doing that or as long as users did not complain, they dun bother. Am I indispensible as I am willing to help or very technically inclined.Or will I be the 1st one to be asked to go?In the end, my colleague dun bother abt operations.Shall I continue like this or stop? I am not complaining of hardwork but to fufilling users's request.

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No one is indispensible

by TheChas In reply to Work Life

The first thing to do, is to have a open discussion with your manager / supervisor.

Your primary goal of this meeting is to establish how your job performance will be measured.

Then you can work towards exceeding expectations.
This is the best way to avoid being the first to go in a layoff.

Don't forget to pay attention to office politics, as they can also play a roll.

Unless it is part of your assigned duties, many managers view coming in at off hours to be a sign of not doing thejob right the first time.


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by lchungwe In reply to No one is indispensible

How to avoid being layoff?

I am not the NT Administrator but Email,WTS,SMS administrator. Only the backup NT ADministrator if she is on medicalleave, annual leave. But she just dun bother abt Operations.

I am just helping out of good will where I am being taken advantage.

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Rarely overlooked

by Matthew Moran In reply to

It is pretty common for people to believe management does not see when extra work is performed. However, that is actually rarely the case. Most managers want things to run smoothly. If you provide value because of your skills and work ethic I would not spend too much time worrying about whether management perceives it.

However, do not hesitate to submit a weekly summary of work performed. I think it is good practice both for professional benefit and as a personal assessment.

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Call tracking...

by ghstinshll In reply to Rarely overlooked

Although you don't receive all your work through you call tracking system, utilize it to track your tasks, requests, and self-created work, so that proper documentation is there for proof of your efforts. If the company can quantify the value of thework, then they will at least force your co-worker to log their time as well, so that they have an idea... Only then can they justify cutting you or letting you go.

Here's another lesson: ALWAYS keep your resume up to date, you never know when something is goign to happen. However, you USUALLY can see some kind of writing on the wall before it really happens. Just keep working hard and doing what's right. Keep your integrity and it'll work out. Keep in touch with recruiters as well...

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