Workflow system for IT management? Outlook Tasks/OneNote?

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Hi everyone,

Early fall of last year I filled a new position in our medium-sized law firm based out of LI - I am the internal IT department (though some may refer to what I do as IT management). I formerly worked as a legal assistant in the firm & was promoted when I took an active role in the firms IT infrastructure upgrade project last year.
Again, my position has no predecessor and I'm not fully fluent in IT/Info systems management just yet as I'm still a full-time student in my junior year. We have an outside IT department for more involved/large scale issues - but my position was deemed necessary for a more tailored approach to IT (& to take away non-legal responsibilities from the managing partner). Basically, I was asked to hit the ground running in the brand new position.

To get to the point, I'm having a hard time implementing an effective workflow system for my role in the office. I'm getting stuff done but it's all in a rather unorganized and tardy fashion - if it wasn't for the heroism involved in being the only technologically literate person in the office, I'd be cooked. What tools does a successful IT manager use in order to effectively do his/her job functions (IE: projects, procurements, admin, while still allowing time for the dreaded 'my computer is acting up' calls and for more-than-occassional crisis situations?

Also, can anyone share their experiences with tasks/to-do lists in Outlook and OneNote from a IT managerial standpoint? Sorry for the lengthy initial post. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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