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Workflow Wordpress

By leon.m ·

I have a quick question about Wordpress as a website builder around best practices / common uses

Usually I used HTML and CSS to create very basic websites (a very long time ago) and am starting some freelance work next to my regular job as a support / system engineer.

One of these small projects I want to do is basic website building. Preferably with Wordpress since my HTML/CSS isnt that great.

I have zero knowledge about Wordpress except that it is used as a website development kit and has a pretty amazing record.

To create modern websites with Wordpress what is the proces on doing this?
Tutorials online all tell you to do the following:
* Install wordpress
* Install Elementor and pay for a pro license
* Activate a Theme
* Build site

But I also see that Wordpress itself has a block builder / website editor, but can you only create basic blog websites with this?
Is the legacy builder never used by more experienced Wordpress sites? Do you need a 3th party block builder to create modern sites?

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