Workgroup clients can access domain shares`

By jgang ·
I have a sbs 2003 running DHCP. The Guest account has been disabled. I verified this by the net user guest command.

All share permissions seem to be working fine within the Domain and the Everyone group is not listed. I have one NT machine that is on a Workgroup and gets its IP from the sbs server. It has access to all shares with no apparent restrictions.

Any ideas or direction would be great.

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by CG IT In reply to Workgroup clients can acc ...

hard to believe a non domain computer and non domain user account can access domain based shares....

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And what is even harder to believe is that

by OH Smeg In reply to really.....

A NT system can access a 2003 Server that isn't running in Mixed Mode as they are unable to see any shares at all that way. And that is when they are part of the domain.


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yep.... must be a bogus post...

by CG IT In reply to And what is even harder t ...
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Not bogus

by jgang In reply to yep.... must be a bogus p ...

The NT computer is not part of the Domain and never was. This a computer that I just purchased. The SBS box is running mixed mode.

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What kind of

by IC-IT In reply to Not bogus

permissions are on the shares themselves? It sounds as if no Security (NTFS) permissions have been set correctly.

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In jgang's defense ...

by Churdoo In reply to yep.... must be a bogus p ...

... I've seen these symptoms before. I don't have the solution ... well my solution was to make the client get rid of the remaining NT workstations (obviously they were overdue anyway) and replace them with new XP workstations.

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by Churdoo In reply to In jgang's defense ...
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Well I suppose the obvious thing is Why have 2003 running in Mixed Mode?

by OH Smeg In reply to Workgroup clients can acc ...

I'm assuming that the NT Box is running some dedicated Software here that will not run on a newer Windows platform so it's needed.

Then if you need to share data from the NT Box to the rest of the Domain that could be a reason to have the server running in Mixed Mode but then wouldn't you join the NT Box to the Domain?

Sorry I just can not think of a single reason to attempt to have a workgroup computer connected to a 2003 Domain without it being a part of the Domain. You'll have to explain what you are trying to achieve here so that we can try to help you.


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