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    workgroup domain conversion


    by papula ·

    i am converting a workgroup to a domain with about 35 computers and 4 mid to high end printers.

    i have a general understanding of whats going on here, but id like to know more.

    when i create the domain structure, how do can i publish printers to the domain, for easy searching?

    once its published, how do i find it?

    also- im converting our email server from visnetic mail server to exhcange, can someone give me somewhat detailed steps on how to do that?

    thanks in advance.


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      by cg it ·

      In reply to workgroup domain conversion

      Printers are objects in Active Directory and can be published and user access permissions assigned just as a shared folder on a workstation. It is searchable in Active Directory by name.

      Visnetic mail I’m not if there is a migration option available however, from workgroup to a domain structure which includes exchange, you’ll have to create user accounts so might as well have Active Directory create the mailboxes for them. Might have to do a switch over from your old mail system [and domain name] to the new Active Directory system

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        Reply To: workgroup domain conversion

        by papula ·

        In reply to Reply To: workgroup domain conversion

        im sorry, i must be more specific. can you give me a very detailed instruction set- on how to create an exchange email server (and get it running and delivering email) and completely convert from an existing visnetic email server.

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