workgroup is not accessible

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workgroup problem

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Workgroup not Accessible?

by mikeadams1137 In reply to workgroup is not accessib ...

Hm. Really need more details but...a few things you can do. First...check and make sure all the computers are on the same network. To do this..

Start --> Run --> CMD (pres_enter), then type "ipconfig" no spaces, no quotes.

This will show you everything about your open LAN connection. Write down the information, especially the default gateway...and do this to every PC, only takes a minute...verify all PCs are on the same sub-net.

Once you've established they are all on the same sub-net, go back into CMD prompt, via steps above..and use the syntax..."ping IP Address".

IE:ping Space after the ping, and enter the IP address, and verify from on PC, that you can ping every other PC...this will assure you that you are on a network.

Next...make sure you are all on the domain still, this is important if you share printers/files, etc...Right click "My Computer" "Properties"...and select "Computer Name" verify everyone is on the same workgroup.

Hope this helps!

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