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Workgroup Network

By MFH ·
I tried to establish a simple workgroup network between one PC and one Laptop.Laptop is using WindowsNT Workstation and PC is using Windows98.
PC can not see Laptop and laptop also can not see PC. This laptop was configured as part of a domain.WhenI tried to change the domain to Workgroup I could not do it without using administrator password. Even after this change of domain to workgroup the connection could not be established. Later I reveret back to domain and tried to log in with the original user name but I failed to log in. I can log in with the administrator password but lost my original profile.
So can any body suggest, how to get back my original profile? What is the problem due to which workgroup network could not be established between only two PC ?

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So many posibilities

by geo1 In reply to Workgroup Network

Not connecting two as a work group:
You do not mention topography, but lets assume CAT 5 UTP. See the similar post regarding Cross-over required, not a common patch cord if you do not use a hub.
(Discussion: Can 2 computers be linked?
Author: Hcyong
Date: 11/6/00

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From: dragos_m
Date: 11/7/00

2 x rj 45, cable cat 5 utp, crimp tool
You can make the connexion like this
connector A:white-orange,orange,w-green, blue,w-blue,green,w-brown,brown
connector B:w-green,green,w-orange,blue,
or you can make it like this wire no.1 from the first end of the cable goes to position no 3 (second end of the cable) wire no.2 goes to 6 , wire no 3 goes to1, wire no 6 goes to 2.(others does not matter).Look down

1 (TX+) 3 (RX+)
2 (TX-) 6 (RX-)
3 (RX+) 1 (TX+)
4 -
5 -
6 (RX-) 2 (TX-)
7 -
8 -
Hope this solves the problem.Good luck!

Returning NT Workstations to Domain:Need to remove the NT Workstaion Account from the Domain using Server Manager, then rejoin Domain (requires Admin. PW) When an NT workstation joins a domain it expects the account sid to be null. If a previous account is left on the Domain Server, it fails to join. Easiest to delete previous and rejoin.


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workgroup between NT and 98

by culverc In reply to Workgroup Network

physical layer: NIC in each machine connected with RJ-45's to a hub or a "crossover cable" directly connected to each NIC. TCP/IP settings: same workgroup name for each computer, same subnet mask for each, unique IP address for each computer, NO WINS, NO DHCP, on 98 machine select properties for Clients for Microsoft Networks and check to share files and resources, in NT domains you must be able to connect to the Domain Server that's why you couldn't logon, administrator is only person who can change network settings, having a unique IP same subnet and same workgroup name should allow connection. sharing files and resources will have to be done manually on the resource itself

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