workgroup network security

By smraza1 ·
i have a workgroup network connected with the 8 xp computer all are directly conneted through the switch. i want to restrict 2 computer for internet but allow the access for file and folder sharing. is it possible ?

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Can't you.....

by rbtechguy In reply to workgroup network securit ...

Restrict IE access via permissions at the two computers you would like to restrict? Folder/File sharing shouldn't be affected.

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It is possible

by tintoman In reply to workgroup network securit ...

depending on your router, most have the facility to restrict internet access for computers connected to it
That is where you make the change and file and folder sharing is not affected

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An easier way, and more flexible:

by meaparicio In reply to It is possible

Use the Content Advisor, built into IE.
You just create a "fake" .rat file which will block visiting any sites, but will allow you to enable some URLs as well!

Use Note Pad to create a file with this content:

(PICS-version 1.0)
(name "No Access")
(description "Rating service that does nothing!. by Mike Aparicio")
(rating-system "http://noreal.fake")
(rating-service "http://noreal.fake")
(transmit-as "You can only visit sites allowed by administrator!")

Save the file, NOT AS A TXT file but as a .RAT. For instance notallowed.rat.
Put this file inside the windows/system32 folder.
Now use the IE Content Advisor setup at the tools-options menu. Follow the normal procedure to set the fake RAT file active. You are done!
You can enter a list of allowed sites ONLY!
You will find step-by-step instructions to set up the Content Advisor at the Microsof site.
Glad to help! Mike

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