Workgroup not seen

By jmj4331 ·
Hello All,

I am running a small network. 2 pc's networked to a linksys WRT54G router with a wireless laptop.

At one time my workgroup was happy and talking to each other.

I have had main PC take a dive and I had to rebuild it.
All of the computers are running XP Pro, SP2. All have the same workgroup name "JJHOME", all have separate names "JJMAIN", "JJLAP" and "KIDSCOMP"

No one can see any of the other computers. I have shares on each, including printers on the main computer.

All have a user of Admin as the account.

Thoughts? Ideas? Insights?

At this point I'll try anything.


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I'm not sure how this system is setup but as you said Main Computer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Workgroup not seen

That makes it sound as it it's between the Internet and Router so have you run the Network Setup Wizard on this unit and when you reach the screen tell it that it connects directly the the Internet and that Other Computers on the LAN connect through this computer?

The next step is to enable File & Printer sharing then when prompted enter in the correct Workgroup Name and then allow the Wizard to finish off by doing it's own thing and when you reach the last screen where you are given several options just click on No Finish Now.

At this point you should have to reboot and when the system comes up again if you setup the Network correctly everything should be seeing each other again and have an Internet Connection.


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by jmj4331 In reply to I'm not sure how this sys ...


I must have missedn something each and everytime.

Everybody is talking to everyone else again.

Many thanks.


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You're Welcome

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outstanding
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I have a similar problem

by djlenweb In reply to I'm not sure how this sys ...

I have just upgraded to a NETGEAR wireless home network. There are 2 PC's and a laptop on the network.

Laptop can ping everyone, but neither of the other 2 can ping the laptop.

The 2 PC's can access each other and the internet, but the laptop can only access the internet.

Any ideas on how to get the laptop back on the network? (it also does the same if I connect to the router with a cable)


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WinXP pro peer to peer

by jadamus3 In reply to I have a similar problem

Each machine on your xp peer2peer network
must have exactly the same usernames and passwords;and you must use user login passwords.

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