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    Workgroup not working


    by norm_rr ·

    I have three machines (98/XP Home/XP Pro) on my LAN running as a workgroup and linked to the Internet via a router and cable modem.

    The XP Pro and 98 machines can not view the workgroup (network not available error) at all but can ping the other machines fine and access the Internet.

    The XP Home machine shows the other 2 computer under the workgroup but can only connect to the 98 machine shares. No shares show on the XP Pro machine.

    All the network setting are default except computer name and workgroup which has been checked several times.

    What did I overlook?


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      Reply To: Workgroup not working

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to Workgroup not working

      XP wants to have user accounts pre-set up on it for all the users (computers) who might be logging in. if you use the network setup wizard in XP, it will create a disk for you to use to setup the others. you have probably got everything except the user accounts. just enter them on the two xp machines using the exact spelling and password as is used to logon to the other machines. also, if it kinda worked in the beginning then you can’t see anything, it is probably the XP firewall. turn it off (Network Connections/Properties/Advanced) to get file sharing to work correctly. also check the two xp machines, make sure the XP Pro one is set to use simple file sharing. i think that is in Folder Options…

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