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Workgroup PC denies access to files

By dartheux ·
Hi guys, I have this problem which is just driving me nuts"!

I have a workgroup set up at my office and, recently I had to re-install two pc's with WinXP plus all the service packs and patches and the rest of it. In total my network has 11 pc's.

Now what happens is; although I see the computer (these two pc's) on the network, as I click on them to browse through the files I get an error message that says something like this: "You don't have access to \\'pc_1'. It may be that you do not have the right permissions to this network resource blah blah blah. " it is not literal ".

I have checked all the permissions to its files, the users that can and cannot access the files, the security, I also disabled the WinXP firewall that comes when installing the SP2, checked to see if all the WinXP services are up-and-running ( I did that by clicking with the right-button onto My Computer -> Manage -> selecting services and I went through all of them to see which are enabled and which are not. I checked with other computers and compared the services that are running in other machines which I do not have this problem with.

Can you guys think of any other reason of why this is happening?

Thanks a lot"!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

your new computers probably do not have local user accounts on them sounds like. you need to login as administrator on the new pcs, right click my comptuer pick manage go to users check that user accounts exist with same username and password that your other users login with on the pcs that want to get at these resources, see? if you use the network setup wizard disk on each new pc you may solve your problem as it will add the acccoutns...

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by korgmeister In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

make sure you have installed appropiate protocol for networks.

For e.g : Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, or any other if you need

make sure you go through the process of setting up the local home or office network.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

Along with the 2 above, make sure that IPC$ and admin$ is running, if it is not, that is the problem.

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by dartheux In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

Hi guys, first of all I would like to thank you for your time spent on assisting my plea.

All you guys have said, I have done and checked to make sure all the protocols were up and running; the user accounts were properly configured and ultimately, checked the Shared Resources panel and made sure that IPC$ & ADMIN$ were present. Everything is fine. However I still cannot access these two Goddamn machines."!

Thanks again"!

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by FreeTechie In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

Pro or Home?

First, uninstall TCP/IP, then reinstall it.
Second, enable firewall but select File and Print Sharing as an exception.
Third, share something! Right Click > sharing and Security
Fourth, make sure your on the same network group (Control Panel > System > Comptuer Name Tab)
Fifth, Enable the guest account
Sixth, Restart

Enables/Disables Simple Filesharing (Default WinXP)**/
Enables Advanced Filesharing (IE Windows2k)

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by FreeTechie In reply to

Or Go to Windows Explorer > drop down Tools menu > select Folder Options > View tab > Slide all the way to "Use Simple File Sharing" uncheck...

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by dkzgambo In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

Much as i have read the other to your question, i still feel one point is not made clear. are there any shared resources on the two pc's that cant be accessed? u might try to share the C drive or any folder that u want to acces on either of the pc's. that should give access to other computers to view the files.

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by dartheux In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

Hi guys,

thanks again for helping me on this.

I have done everything you guys told me to but I still have not solved the problem.

Answering your question 'dkzgambo', yes I have files shared. The problem I get is when I view the pc's on the workgroup and I try to click on this pc - and I get immediate access denied. It must be something to do with SP2 security.......

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

I thought you could only connect 10 Pc's in a workgroup. Do you have a server?

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by dartheux In reply to Workgroup PC denies acces ...

Yes I have a Win2000server.


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