Workgroup problem

By triunidragonultra ·
I work for the military and i am running an internal network with a shared hard drive on one computer. It is nessesary that all computers on this workgroup are able to access the HD. The work group consists of 13 computers and devises at the moment and i need to had one more computer to this workgroup. I only have one computer that i can do this with but, when i set the computer up on this workgroup then tried to access the workgroup the computer said it could not access do to permissions or unavailability. I know the computer is good because it can access the internet from that line just not the workgroup. please help.

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user permissions

by ctmoore1998 In reply to Workgroup problem

It sounds like you are in a peer network, If it is a peer network of XP workstations, then there is probably a common user name for all workstations, and you need to configure the 'new' workstation with this user name, or configure its user name on the other workstations of the network.

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You also could be running into problems with XP's upper limit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Workgroup problem

Of the number of possible concurrent connections. With XP Home you can have 5 concurrent connections running and with XP Pro that number is upped to 10 but no more can log on at the same time. With 14 computers all can not be working at the same time and sharing the same share as Windows prevents this from happening. You are getting the standard Windows Error message here on this computer but if you stop a couple of the others you should then be able to connect to the share.

If you need everything connected at once you really need to move to a server application that will allow more that the 10 concurrent connections to the one share though where you currently are that may not be possible. But it's the only real solution to the upper limit built into Windows.

You can also check if you have the same IP address on more than 1 computer this is a possibility if Static IP Addressing is being used. But if every computer has a different IP Address you are just hitting the Built in Upper Limit of XP and it's ability to share.


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