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Workgroups And Domains

By pjsinclair ·
We have a small workgroup setup of about 15 computers with one XP Computer acting as a file server ( I know its not a real server).
My Qustion is can I put an old Primary Domain server on the network and will the PDS be accessable to the rest of the workgroup.

Pete Sinclair

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by CG IT In reply to Workgroups And Domains

well technically no. The DC controls authentication and access to the domain it was configured to control. The computers on your LAN can join the domain [and no longer be a part of the workgroup]to gain access but just placing it in the LAN won't allow others on the LAN to access it.

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by CG IT In reply to

the caveat to my answer "well, technically no"... you would use terminal services to access the DC to administer it remotely using the admin account IF terminal services is operating in remote admin mode OR you can connect via terminal services to access applications if it's running in application mode.

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by pctech In reply to Workgroups And Domains

I have done this using a method on an NT 4.0 SP6a Server network. I had a user with a laptop running XP Home that needed to access his folders on the server. XP Home will not longin to a domain, but it can access shares on the PDC. I set up a seperate user account on the PDC and assiged his permissions for the shares he needed to access with this laptop account. The user could login from his workstation using the domain account and still access the server from the laptop using a peer-to-peer connection. All of the workstations run Win98 and could connect to each other peer-to-peer, so he also had access these shares ( printers ). I mapped his laptop to the shares on the server using \\<computername>\<sharename>. He supplied his laptop account username\password when he connected to the shares from his laptop and all worked fine. I have done several laptops the same way that are using XP Home. No problems after 12 months.
Your situation is different, but would work the same way. Set up user accounts and appropriate shares on the server and assign permissions. Map the workstations to their appropriate shares and they will only need to supply the correct username/password to access these shares. Of course, the cleanest and easiest way is to have the workstations join the domain. Should the XP machine be XP Home, you can still access the server shares using the method I did. It worked flawlessly for me.

I hope this helps you.

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by pjsinclair In reply to

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by pjsinclair In reply to Workgroups And Domains

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