Workgroups on differnet logical networks

By konanan ·
I have a router w/ 3 LAN interfaces, 3 different logical network address spaces.
On every logical network there are some xp stations and all of them belong to the same workgoup. All pc have installed serv. file & print share, microsoft net clients.

When I brouse "my networkplaces" I see only the router and the local pc. How can I see pcs from other logical networks?
NOte" ALL pcs can ping each other by ip or pc name.

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you have 3 different subnets?

by CG IT In reply to Workgroups on differnet l ...

they all have to be on the same subnet to access shared resources unless you have a router to route the traffic to each subnet.

Switches will only forward host packets to other hosts on the same subnet.

OR if you run a managed switch, and VLAN, provide a method of passing on VLAN traffic to other VLANs. how you do that depends on what managed switch your using.

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